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Anybody know Riello UPS systems, or power ups systems in general? Advise needed


Hi, I need a three phase double conversion UPS to smooth out some voltage issues in an old building - our machine servo drives keep on tripping due to one phase showing undervoltage for a short period of time (probably on phase in the building is overloaded, and when somebody pops a kettle or something, there is a short dip in voltage on one phase).

There is an older Riello unit being decommioned locally, due to age - 10years old. Looks like new, panel shows 100% battery and status ok. I can not test it under load because it is a huge unit. Called Riello with a serial number and was told the units is pretty much a scrap because power power units, all capacitors and inverter card must be changed. When I asked why, I was told because it is 10years old. So I guess the tech from Riello had to stick to official narrative and not step out the line.

In practice, would I still be ok to use this UPS as is if the status showing ok? Really looking for some independent advise.

Please stick to the topic with advise. Fixing el system in a building is a no go etc.


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