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I found this odd device.


I am suspicious about it, but it does seem like a good way to deal with PV without tarps and other shit like that. Would I feel better if there was a aluminum sheet taped over it with some good duct tape though?.... or some kind of deploy-able shroud, like windows blinds or Japanese 'stick' art or whatever its called that you can roll up

and I don't like how close the electronics is to a potentially over heating connector, if its dirty or something. Since its a power interconnect with electronics on it, it seems to be at risk. Maybe I would make mine like a T shape with the electronics slightly away from the interconnect area that has the potential for over heating. If a component blows up it can damage the case and expose conductor, it would have to melt reaally bad to do that

I want to know what the circuit is.  I wouldn't buy a safety device without knowing its method of operation.

EDIT: Maybe it temporarily shorts the connector, which should be fine for solar panels.  But how does it sense the problem scenario? 

Mechanical interlock to detect the inserted connector + current sensor?  Maybe a reed switch to avoid water, but those can go bad/intermittent.  If they put a micro in there to get consistent behaviour they'd open another bag of worms RE power supply.

RF arc detect?  I wonder if you could trip it through other means like arcs elsewhere in the system.  If a panel is arcing then shorting it might even make the arc worse and fire more likely?

not sure if present in patents,..

this one has a mechanical sequencer with PTC's .


I personally think PTC break often, but I suppose that is because of the power grid. Since the connector is infrequently used, maybe its robust enough. It should only be engaged during disconnect, meaning maybe a handful of times if trouble shooting.

but the picture clearly shows many parts

This has big-clives name on it. its like the perfect thing for him to review lol


--- Quote from: f4eru on June 04, 2024, 05:46:28 pm ---https://www.google.com/search?q=arc+connector+patent+phoenix
not sure if present in patents,..

--- End quote ---

Already had a look, couldn't find anything obvious.  There are some solar connector patents but unrelated physical designs with no magic disconnect circuitry.


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