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Hi Guys,

First post here

I've been looking into mulitcell lipo balancing for a while and I'm struggling to find a single IC/PCB solution which I can buy to balance and charge multiple LiPo cells.

Is there some inherent difficulty in designing/building circuits which can stack and balance(passive or active) cells.


Yes. LiFePO, unlike Li-ion has a characteristic, where the voltage changes very little, with the state of charge (SOC). So a battery with 3.15V migth be 10% charged, while a 3.17V is 90% charged. Most LiFePO chargers will only balance the battery when they are discherged, because there the voltage change/SOC is more. So two cells, having 1% difference in SOC might have microvolts of difference in voltage.

Thanks for that, but what about LiPo or Li-Ion?


--- Quote from: BillyJ on December 01, 2016, 12:34:45 pm ---Thanks for that, but what about LiPo or Li-Ion?

--- End quote ---
LiFePO is very similar to LiPO, just voltage is little lower. Li-ion is much easier, you should not have any problem finding balancers for them.

David Hess:
This application note from TI discusses the problem with LiFePO4 cell balancing mentioned by NANDBlog.

I wonder if it can be overcome by more accurate voltage measurement.


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