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Battery powered truck - Volta


Just reading Machinery Market and they have a short article about the Volta Trucks new Volta Zero battery powered truck.

It is 16 tonne, two axle, so that must be the maximum vehicle weight.

How much of that is vehicle, how much batteries and how much payload? No answers in the article.

It is interesting reading road tests etc on battery cars, and their weight. Some are as high as 2.5 tonnes. Is this really feasible? A diesel 16 tonne truck has a payload of, what, 8 tonnes? If you then have to take ? tonnes off for batteries?

It is described as a city truck, so not hacking up and down the motorways but even so a 10 hour day driving in a city requires, what, about of energy and hence batteries. Is is a hybrid, doesn't say.

Seems to me that battery power fits well into a certain percentage of vehicle use, but the rest it doesn't. Has anyone got an electric car and tows a caravan or trailer? And not just down the road but from the south to the north of the UK on holiday, or delivering items.


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