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Best value battery tech for home energy storage.

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What is better value than buying a Tesla Power Wall..   NZ$10k for 14KwH.. Doe'snt seem very viable yet.

Your asking for best value battery tech and then using an example of an entire system containing chargers, GTI etc. So is the question really about battery tech or a complete solution ?

AGM and GEL batteries are still the best value / buck for a high performance home battery bank with minimal maintenance.

Tubular Gel especially are very good generally.  Have long lifespans, high efficiency (as good as lithium in reality)
Cost around $350 per Kilowatt-hour of storage (AUD) for cheaper brands

However you will still need a charger, charge monitoring and an Inverter to be like the Powerwall.    If you added all those things it will probably end up more expensive.

So really it depends on your needs.

Old forklift batteries, They get retired from forklifts due to not holding a working days charge, but for stationary use you can use several banks of them.


The cheapest is to convince the government to do it for you and make them change from PPE to net metering, and stop worrying about storage. Local storage is a really really bad idea in the economic sense. It is the ultimate waste of natural resources.


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