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Biggest inductor you can realistically get?

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We need to put 1200A into a 12V load from a 30V input.
Our client just wants to do a single 1200A buck converter switching at 10kHz.
He  believes this may be the cheapest way.

This will mean a 15uH Buck inductor capable of doing 1230Apk..the ripple in that
inductor is only then 52Apkpk...which means a low gradient current ramp..not great for current mode control.
But yes we can add ramp to solve that. However, this inductor cannot be wound on any OffTheShelf core in the world.
The core material would have to be designed, and then we would have to find somebody capable of manufacturing it in small quantities.

As such, this is a terrible idea.

Better, we suggest ,  is to do ten 120A Bucks in parallel at 10kHz. The inductor would be a 60uH inductor wound with 10 turns
on a High-Flux torroid (two torroids stacked).

The torroid would be HF601147-2

The 10 turns would be 280 strands of 0.56mm enammelled copper wire, which gives a DC resistance of 0.9mR.
This gives conduction loss of 13W (core loss is only 2W).

Spec'ing out inductors, which are so big that no offtheshelf cores exist , is a terribly bad idea, we believe.
So we are stuck with picking the biggest core thats available offtheshelf, (HF601147-2)  and just using that, and
adding as many converters in parallel as it takes to meet the load spec.

In the world today, the High Flux HF601147-2 is about the biggest offtheshelf core in the world.
So we must use that.

Do you agree this is the only realistic way forward? I mean getting your own personalised  "torroid-the-size -of-a-toilet-seat" made specially is super expensive and not worth it.

The HF601147-2 datasheet is on page 79 of the "Micrometals Alloy Powder Core Catalog 2021"

Is that the peak current or continuous?

Well there is no real limit. just use a larger core.

You need to use a multi-phase topology for such a huge current, but does it have to be a buck converter?

just stack more cores?

Thanks, its   the continuous current

And stacked toroids?



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