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Boost PFC torroid inductor with more than one layer of windings?


With Boost PFC's , using torroid inductors, would you say its normal practice to use a torroid (or torroid stack) that enables a single layer of turns to be used?...or is it common to have more than one layer of turns with such inductors?.....AYK, Proximity effect losses drastically increase as you use more than one layer of turns.

Both are common. The RMS value of the ripple current fraction is usually an order of magnitude below the LF component, and the losses go with current squared. Even having a factor of ten higher AC resistance at Fsw compared to at 100 Hz, eddy current losses in the winding will only account for around a tenth of the total copper losses. The added copper of the second layer can often offset this, but whether it's worth the extra cost and hassle changes from case to case.

Multilayer toroids increase shunt C and decrease SRF.

more difficult to fabricant as Toroid winding machines must pass the shuttle through the center hole



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