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California - PG&E is now chanrging $0.85 kWhr on peak days and paying $0.80 kWhr


Anyone tracking what power companies are charging for electricity?
In California PG&E starting Nov 1, 2017 started charging as much as $0.85 per kWhr on peak days.  (Yes, about $1.00)  But this means they will credit solar producers about $0.80 kWhr.  For the rate plan I am on PG&E charges $0.45 kWhr during summer months.  PG&E had nine rate plans for residential customers.

Curious what other people are paying.     


--- Quote from: DougSpindler on November 25, 2017, 08:32:57 pm ---Curious what other people are paying.   

--- End quote ---

A couple months ago this was asked and got several answers.  I would try and find them but I need to go and look for my bill and check out this peak billing.  I thought it was for commercial users only.


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