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California traffic jams to generate electricity


Dreams come true in California - power "generation" by standing traffic - if you interpret the headline, but have a look at the video....

Mr. Gatto seems to be a real capacity regarding alternative energy, and what a nice wiki page he has...

And then have a look at all these publications, this technology seems to be a real break through !!!  :palm:





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PLEASE make a video about this report and save Californias tax payers!

Every house should be built on such power generators, houses are so much heavier than cars - must give huge amounts of energy...
If I would be Mr Gatto, I would place simply every 20 meters a chassis dyno on the road - maximized energy harvesting - zeroed transportation. :-+ and install hydropower at every gully and at every homes rain water downpipe. All that free energy - just imagine......

If I heard correctly, "a five mile stretch of highway could power a small city for an entire year", besides being impossible, the "entire year" bit at the end makes it a nonsense statement.
 When a power source is continuously powering something it doesn't  make sense to mention time as in this case.

I wish to give more money to tech-illiterate parasites, who feed off the Public Purse like the criminals they are. I also believe strongly in the grid remaining a going concern for at least the next million years.

To that end, I like to celebrate the new Grid-Connected Renewables era with a song:

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"Clean energy".  :scared:


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