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CAN BUS error on my ebike due to squeezed cable?



I have an e-bike, which uses a MAHLE X35 hub drive. Unfortunately, the motor cable was squeezed by accident. Since then I get an error message (HALL_SENSOR_FAULT #).
I thought that I could repair the cable (solder it), but there is no wire cut (see image).


According to a manual I found, the motor uses the CAN BUS interface: https://mahle-smartbike.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/MAHLE_X20_UserManual.pdf

Since I'm not familiar with CAN BUS, I have a few questions.

Is it possible, that a squeezed cable alone (no short circuit) can lead to errors? If so, why? Which property of the cable changes due to squeezing it?
Is there any chance to fix it?
How can you do proper diagnosis in such a case?

Your help is appreciated! If I can not fix it, I have to get a new motor for $400. Would be very sad to dispose the whole motor because of that.


just because there isn't a visible break doesn't mean there isn't a break

get out the multimeter and some needles and try measuring each wire from end to end

Of course it can be CAN, but to me HALL SENSOR FAULT sounds like what it says - hall sensor failing. Probably this specific message comes through CAN, and CAN is checksummed so stops producing data completely instead of producing corrupted messages, so I don't think there's anything wrong with CAN. So start by doing the obvious, checking the hall sensors - which are prone to failure because they are installed and wired at the motor, in highest vibration environment.

squeezed cable likely made a short circuit between wires that damaged either the sensor, or the counterpart circuit, etc...


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