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Cant buy transformer kit for flyback

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We wish to make some EPC17 flyback transformers.

We wish to buy the following……..

BEPC-17-119GA (Former)
FEPC-17-A (Clamp)
PC44EPC17A080 (Gapped ferrite half for AL=80)
PC44EPC17-Z (ungapped ferrite half)

….Do you know where to buy?, they are not on digikey, pulse electronics, mouser, RS, Farnell, Kaschke, cosmos, Elna…or anywhere else

Do they have them?
First reply when googling your first part number.

Thanks, but no they dont sell them.

FTTS: as always another nonsense post, similar to other on these same shapes long ago.

TDK EPC17 shapes are seldom used as they are very delicate and very expensive. 
TDK exited the bobbin and clip manufacture many years ago.

OEM qtys will be ~ 50K..1000K sets MOQ,
custome order,  NCNR. 26..84 weeks ARO.
TDK cores are Avail thru authorized TDK importers, not consumer disty!
Contact your local (UK?) authorized TDK disty.

Actual power supply engineers design around popular and  easily availible core shapes during  the magnetics design and selection.
rather than your always exotic  and unavailable shapes.
We check cost and availablity BEFORE not after.

In general  gapped parts are muxh less available and usually are custom ground , so  even more costly and rare.
Often we use a paper or fiberglass gap across all faces of ungapped coresets.

Of course your reply will be equally pointless, with usual  excuses whey you MUST use the unavailable shape you so foolishly selected.

Oh hum...10 min of my time down FTTS toilet bowl....


by the past I used Ferroxcube to build transformer.
catalog, samples.... distributors... everything is there to workn even in the UK


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