Author Topic: Cap dropper capacitor fail?  (Read 3771 times)

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Re: Cap dropper capacitor fail?
« Reply #25 on: November 08, 2023, 08:00:34 pm »
I replaced lots of these in home appliances.
For some reason the capacitance eventually drops, maybe the humidity leaks in, very rarely failed in catastrophic ways, they simply lost 40-60% of their capacitance while appearing brand new, but they looked like the cheapest junk, no brand.
Last one was few days ago, inside a heater, was 1uf, measured 400nF.

But most of these devices had 10 years or more, so nothing to worry about.
I'd use a good quality Y2 capacitor (Designed to fail open).

One of the best brands is RIFA, specially if you can get old stock from the 90s, you'll see they're extremely reliable, they rarely fail, catching fire and burning your house down.
Edit: Don't.
Please avoid making multiple threads for the same thing...
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