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Hello I am trying to find a good solar charge controller that you can adjust the output current but so far I can only see that you can only adjust the voltage.
So my question can you use a specialty DC charger to charge 12v 12Ah AGM batteries?

they both support multiple battery types
Input Voltage? DC 7-32V 

and this one
Input Voltage? DC 12-40V

what you guys think?


You don't say what solar panels you have but neither of these chargers has MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) so will not get the best out of the panels nor any power conversion beyond an apparently linear voltage/current regulator so I suggest you use the word solar when searching and also quote your panels here for further help :)

Completely forgot to add that info,
I am looking at buying the Renogy 100w panel
As it say that it output up to 5Amps on a good day, I am worried it would damage small Pb batteries that I have.
How could I adjust the output current?

That why I linked that DC charger.
What would be the easy way to charge almost all size batteries without having to buy multiple solar panel of different Watts.

I am a bit confused here, the link is a package consisting of a panel AND charger, so why are you looking at separate chargers ? Briefly looking at the diagram it seems to be designed to charge vehicle or leisure batteries. If that is not what you had in mind then buy an appropriate package or separate components (panel and charger). There doesnt seem to be any way of adjusting this controller at all.

Yes is a kit I was considering on buying, but then realized how can you protect small batteries from to much current without damaging them.

That why I linked the DC charger on the first post,  not sure if that even possible to connect a DC charger directly to the Panel and then adjust the output current when I use a small battery.

Or if the DC charger have to be connected to the Solar charge controller and then to the battery.
Not sure if voltage fluctuation could damage a DC charger, even that those I linked have a big Voltage Input range.

As I have not been able to find a solar charge controller with adjustable current.

what do you think, Thanks.


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