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Coming soon I've a problem that is going to last at least 3 months. The building I live in has to elevators, both will be refurbished over a 3 month period. But not at the same time, I'm almost at the top of a high rise tower block, and a mobility scooter user. Normally if the elevator breaks down it's only for a few days, and I have a garage (no power point) I charge the scooter with a large 115 Ah 12 Volt battery my Son takes down on a sack barrow. I use an inverter to power the 24 Volt charger. Although I do have to limit journeys to essential only trips, keeping them short. But now I'm faced with 3 months solid of no elevator use, I was wandering if I could put two 115 Ah 12 Volt SLA batteries in parallel for more charging time. I know it's very wasteful of power using an inverter to power a mains voltage charger, but I can't think of any other way to charge the scooter, not having any power points. Maybe I could use a wind generator to charge the SLA batteries, my housing scheme might allow a small wind generator just above the garage door..  But I'm certain solor power is out of the question. Could there be something I have missed that could charge the scooter, with out my Son lugging the SLA batteries down two flights of stairs and out to the garage for every charge / SLA batteries recharge. Thanks for reading, any help appreciated.

What about getting one of those light bulb socket to outlet adapters?  Surely you have a light wired in the garage!?[attach=1]

Take a look at R/C chargers, there are a lot of DC input versions since it is common for hobbyists to charge (light but expensive) aircraft batteries from (cheaper but heavy) portable batteries in the field.

Thanks for the help. Those old light power fittings I remember well from years ago in the UK, my Grandparents had a few. Unfortunately I don't even have a light fitting in the garage, it's just an empty garage sadly. I'd never have thought of RC high power chargers, I will look into these and see what I can find out about using one for this application. I've looked round at wind turbines, never thought they'd be that expensive. But cheaper one's all have poor ratings, over a grand for a wind turbine is beyond logical for my use for 3 months.

IANL, but it would be reasonable to expect your block's management to provide charging facilities for either your 115AH battery or your scooter for the duration of the elevator repair work that prevents you charging your scooter yourself, as a temporary adjustment under the Equality Act 2010.

See if https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/discrimination-in-housing/taking-action/asking-for-adjustments-to-help-with-your-disability/ is any help.

You may need to schedule when you can access the battery being charged with block management, so once you have an agreement, it may be worth getting a second 115AH battery so you can simply swap them. 


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