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Cheap MPPTs + Cheap Engine = EMI

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--- Quote from: eTobey on May 20, 2024, 09:37:37 am ---
--- Quote from: bluewave on May 20, 2024, 07:20:15 am ---"Maybe the did this to, because they wanted to make sure, the engine will run (smoothly)?"

Possibly, but seems to be running perfectly with a resistor spark plug.

--- End quote ---

Have you tried running it at cold temperatures?

--- End quote ---

Good question - no. The location is maritime and temperature range narrow - never see ambient outside of 0 - 30C here.

AFAIK non resistor plugs are for race cars and airplanes (shielded) where the little bit of extra ignition energy and simplicity is appreciated. I'd guess in your case the engine factory gets them cheaper in bulk. I've always seen and used resistor plugs on all manner of small air cooled engines and they all ran fine, the ignition needs aren't that great and the provided mag or whatever ignition system is generally more than adequate. Fairly low dynamic compression, not a very thick mix to have to fire through, and you're only jumping a .020-.030" gap anyway, not a modern auto engine plug running about double that gap.


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