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Okay, THIRD time trying to make a new post! Page just reloads with a blank body of text and with no error messages as to why. Do posts need to be approved? If so, then why not indication of that when I click post? Anyways... I'll try again with no pictures attached this time.

I bought one of these (1000W Grid Tie inverter Solar with limiter MPPT pure sine wave DC22-60V/45-90V) off ebay a while back. I found that it would run really hot and I was only getting about 80% - 85% efficiency out of it. It's advertised as upwards of 95% efficiency! Yah right! So I tore it down to see what cheap parts they put in it. I looked at the FETs, TRIACS, and Diodes and found them all to be decent except the diodes which were standard diodes rather than high speed Schottky???

The diodes they used: RHRP8120 https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/on-semiconductor/RHRP8120/965460

The diodes I replaced them with: SCS210KGC https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/rohm-semiconductor/SCS210KGC/3902856

The inverter runs MUCH cooler now and it looks like I'm getting an extra 75 watts of power! I have yet to do an accurate recalculation of efficiency, but based of my estimates and napkin math I'm getting closer to the advertised 90% - 95% efficiency.


Third times a charm!

Back of board.

People from manufacturing or ignorant devs probably swapped some incorrect parts !


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