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Chinese copy of Semtech TS30042 buck converter IC?

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The current semiconductor shortage affects Semtech TS30042 buck converter IC, which is used in one of products I helped to design. I painstakingly checked all other similar converters from "respectable" producers, but found no drop-in replacement. Maxim makes some very similar ICs, but with different pinout. Is there any chance that some obscure chinese company copied TS30042? And if so, how can I check it exists? Is there a chinese semiconductor e-shop which can filter the parts by parameters, like Mouser or Digikey? The e-shop may be completely in Chinese, I have a colleague who speaks the language. Thanks!

If they are real ones, fakes or copies  I don't know But they are widely available in China


looks like it's a tough job. You can't possibly look for it so specifically. But it never hurts to try to ask your friend.


Today, I noticed one thing: you can't google SMD marking codes on these Semtech ICs. They're in the datasheet on page 17, but the table is a vector image without text layer. I guess the mexican slave labor hires who usually work on such documents these days don't yet understand the importance of search engine indexing (and/or their corporate masters don't care). I needed them recently, so the codes are:

Part Number                          Voltage Assign     Marking CodeTS30041-M000QFNRADJ41M00TS30041-M015QFNR1.5V41M15TS30041-M018QFNR1.8V41M18TS30041-M025QFNR2.5V41M25TS30041-M033QFNR3.3V41M33TS30041-M050QFNR5.0V41M50TS30042-M000QFNRADJ42M00TS30042-M015QFNR1.5V42M15TS30042-M018QFNR1.8V42M18TS30042-M025QFNR2.5V42M25TS30042-M033QFNR3.3V42M33TS30042-M050QFNR5.0V42M50


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