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Combine triac with a relay to drive an AC load

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Thanks for your suggestions.

I've made up my mind after measuring again the currents involved and I kept my initial design with triac & MOC. The currents involved are 2.5A maximum per heater so the heatsink dimensions are quite reasonable and will fit the oven compartment.


--- Quote from: Bikkel on September 29, 2023, 01:50:19 pm ---you do not shown how you drive / power the relay. Also keep in mind that when the relay opens there is also sparks going on. I have seen a lot of relays drive with freewheel diodes which is not a great idea.
--- End quote ---

Ah? It's how I've been driving relays for years now :D ... That is interesting; how do you suggest to drive these? With a push-pull stage I suppose?


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