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cone shaped solar array?

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--- Quote from: NANDBlog on June 23, 2016, 02:49:23 am ---OK, maybe you might get more power if it is placed that way, but the author for that instructables is an idiot, who doesnt know what a photon is, and doesnt understand what is the difference between voltage and power. He has other instructables:
"Power your car with a FISSION REACTOR!"
"DIY Interferometer: Prove Einstein Wrong in 20 Minutes!"
"Free Energy from Thin Air!"

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I remember reading about free energy from thin air, its not free energy from thin air, its more of using the emf around to power something small as we have many radio towers. It wasnt from instructables, it was from some book about being self sufficient, its only a trick and not free energy.


--- Quote from: System Error Message on June 23, 2016, 02:32:00 am ---There is no such thing as a cone shaped solar panel, if it is coned shape than it is one of those water heaters that uses the sun to heat up and connect to a turbine.

solar panels are typically straight for cost reasons. Perhaps doing a comparison between curved and straight panels.

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The guy goes into it with drawings and descriptions. If there is a cone in there .... it's well hidden. If you make a cone shaped panel, it's a disaster unless you steer it. He never mentions steering. Even with steering the boost is in the "few percent to 10's percent" range. You do much better with a small panel and steered mirrors.


Alex Eisenhut:

Ha! Humans believe in nonsense!


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