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Diamonds Powered Nuclear Batteries

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--- Quote ---Despite their low-power, relative to current battery technologies, the life-time of these diamond batteries could revolutionise the powering of devices over long timescales. The actual amount of carbon-14 in each battery has yet to be decided but one battery, containing 1g of carbon-14, would deliver 15 Joules per day.  This is less than an AA battery.  Standard alkaline AA batteries are designed for short timeframe discharge: one battery weighing about 20g has an energy storage rating of 700J/g. If operated continuously, this would run out in 24 hours. Using carbon-14 the battery would take 5,730 years to reach 50 per cent power, which is about as long as human civilization has existed.
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That's 4.13mWh/day, or 172uW continuous power output per 1g. That's pretty useful.

And here I thought it was hard to get LiPo batteries shipped...  :-DD

Don't let Samsung get these batteries!  Whole cities will be lost!

Seriously though.  I might just see the free energy revolution happen in my time (well, as close to 'free energy' as one can get I guess). This is a great start, And I hate bananas, but I'll hold a diamond.  ;)

De Beers are going to be pissed!

Voltnuts will be hysterical aren't they ? As their vref will be powered for eternity.  >:D


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