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DIN 41773-1


The world is full of ridiculous things. Consider StVZO. This abbreviation is mentioned in a lots of marketing materials (mostly from Asia). But no competent lawyer or legislator will refer to it because it's long time dead and the related requirements were moved to ISO 06742, etc. As for DIN 41773-1 ("Static power convertors; semiconductor rectifier equipment with IU-characteristics for charging of lead-acid batteries, guidelines"), one thing in common is that it's also not relevant now. But I'm not aware of the replacement. If no corresponding ENs were provided, why it's withdrawn?

I think you conflate two different things.
StVZO is a law, in Germany.
ISO 06742 does not exist (should be a norm?).

Laws and norms are not the same thing...
Some norms are only a guideline.
Some norms are referenced by laws, and are mandatory to follow under some conditions.


--- Quote from: f4eru on April 12, 2024, 01:48:07 pm ---ISO 06742 does not exist (should be a norm?).

--- End quote ---
Seems the leading zero resulted in the confusion. My bad


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