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doubt chemistry CR2032 battery

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What is the chemical composition of the CR2032 battery?

Is it an oxidative corrosive chemical composition for metals and PCBs?

over the years and storage battery this chemical composition of CR2032 changes and turns into a corrosive oxidative chemical compound that leaks and corrodes?


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Have you read this thesis: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/14986/14986-h/14986-h.htm 
All batteries produce electrical current by oxidation/reduction reactions, aka "REDOX" reactions.  The CR2032 is no exception (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium_metal_battery ).

--- Quote from: Michael Faraday ---The anode is therefore that surface at which the electric current, according to our present expression, enters: it is the negative extremity of the decomposing body; is where oxygen, chlorine, acids, &c., are evolved; and is against or opposite the positive electrode. The cathode is that surface at which the current leaves the decomposing body, and is its positive extremity; the combustible bodies, metals, alkalies, and bases, are evolved there, and it is in contact with the negative electrode.
--- End quote ---

Whether a battery leaks is mostly a matter of how it is constructed, albeit some chemistries seem to be more prone to leakage and causing damage than others.


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