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Earthing the secondary of an offline , isolated SMPS

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If you earth the isolated secondary of an offline smps, can you confirm that an earth connection to the secondary, must come from the earth wire in the mains cable that supplies the smps?
Also, that the smps must feature y caps from live and neutral to earth, as well as a y cap across the smps isolation barrier?
Also, that the "earth loop" that runs through the y caps across the transformer (across the isolation barrier) and also through the earth connection that runs across the isolation barrier of the smps, (to secondary ground) must be as narrow in area as possible?

Like this?

Luvverly!!! 'Proper job' that!  :-DD  :scared:

Around a decade ago I saw a photo of a Suicide Shower 'grounded' to the earth in a small plant pot (containing a plant) in a cup holder mounted to the shower wall!  Unfortunately I've never found it again . . .

Thanks, good pics, the thing about earthing the isolated secondary of an offline SMPS, is that no book in the world tells how it should  be done.
The earth loop must be reduced in area.
Why is it that just because its an "earth" loop, every book on earth literally  says  its free from EMI measures, and only concerned with safety?

During the second Gulf War, the American military used some shoddy contractors to build barracks, etc. in Iraq.  There were an unconscionable number of personnel electrocuted in the showers and swimming pools due to bad electrical installation, as well as fires.  See  https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CHRG-110hhrg48065/html/CHRG-110hhrg48065.htm  for the official government investigation.


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