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eBay seller with great deal on LG 18650's

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Just wanted to drop a note incase anyone was interested and I hope I am not breaking any forum rules, if so please delete this:

FYI: An eBay seller, "alarmhookup" has a huge lot of used LG 18650 Lithium Ion packs. There configured at 36V@ 4.4ah stock from the old ebike or whatever they pulled them from. A YouTube guy, "EV Samba" has purchased a batch and done a video on his capacity testes etc.

I emailed the seller and was told they have about 500,000 cells left from the original 2M. I am trying to arrange a very large purchase (at least 50,000 cells) directly and will be picking them up from their NJ warehouse.

Again, just a FYI for anyone interested. I haven't got them in my hands yet to verify but it seems like a great deal for all us DIY Powerwall guys/gals and anyone who builds EV packs. Tom is the sellers name and he'll let them go for $1 each. Once I get there and I am able to conduct my capacity, but more importantly ESR tests, I'll report back with the results. I'll make a video of the tests if I can. 

I do not know the sellers and I will not profit in anyway by sharing this info. I just think 2200mah, LG 18650 cells for $1 each is a pretty good deal. If this post violates any forum rules please delete it and please don't reply with negativity, I am just trying to help anyone who may be interested. (<--- I get my feelings hurt pretty easy for a hardened combat veteran).

Thanks for the info. Have you been able to test any yet?

I was wondering how these are configured to get 36V?


--- Quote from: metrologist on June 01, 2017, 07:24:31 pm ---I was wondering how these are configured to get 36V?

--- End quote ---

10S 2P


you mean 10 in series and two of those banks in parallel. Yes, that is how you could do it.

But it looks like there are 5 banks of 4 cells in parallel.

- and that is what is confusing me.

Also, his ad says they are new, not used.


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