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Ecoflow failure

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@EEVblog, you have EcoFlow batteries at home, right?

A bit dramatic video. Ecoflow does not seem to be bullet proof, but then you do not put in the line of fire. What was that comment about connecting to neutral line?

Not sure of the exact issue. Failure mode, if correctly depicted, is worrying.
Their marketing about X-boost says it can handle overload for resistive loads only (X-boost basically lowers AC voltage so that max power draw is limited - something similar to CC control on DC power supplies). Maybe this implies do not try using big inductive loads.


--- Quote from: electr_peter on November 22, 2022, 05:28:30 pm ---Not sure of the exact issue.
--- End quote ---

The issue seems to be that if you connect a load like a brushed power tool (or vacuum cleaner?) at the same time as sensitive electronics (phone charger, maybe?) then it might be possible to damage the sensitive electronics. Under these circumstances the output from the inverter can have a short period of instability with a high frequency, high voltage component. This can interfere with capacitive dropper power supplies since the high frequency causes the capacitive dropper to have a much lower impedance and overload the downstream voltage regulator.

This might be a rare situation, but if you were the one whose equipment got damaged, I could see being pissed off about it. I think it would be reasonable for Ecoflow to provide a warning, rather than keeping quiet about it.

After publication of the first video Matthias noticed a mistake, and published an updated one. But the problem of destroying sensitive electronic devices connected in parallel with inductive loads remains

So if inverters like this can have instability and produce high frequency on the output, couldn't this be mitigated by putting some kind of low pass output filter in place? If you are paying a lot of money for a true sinewave inverter, you have reason to expect it will stay within limits on the output frequency and voltage.


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