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Tesla superchargers are open to other brands in Europe.


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--- Quote from: DougSpindler on June 08, 2022, 12:47:33 am ---Not with an EV they use heat pumps to warm/cool the cabin.

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Teslas do that. Mine doesn't

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The Renault Zoe has a heatpump (integrated with the cooling system so it can use waste heat) and it's not exactly a high-end vehicle. On a 30 minute drive last weekend (around 8C outside temperature, cabin temperature set to 20C) it used 0.2 kWh to reach and maintain cabin temperature.

Cool, didn't know that the Zoe had this... My Tesla doesn't (too old, now it's a standard on all new ones).

I hope it gets to be a standard equipment soon on all cars.
VW still has it as a paying option....


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