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Just an update on our Tesla X '21 adventure.

I like the technology - i like the car. It is a bit cheaply built compared to other cars in its price-range.

In mid december - during the "slight snow" we reversed into our driveway - and despite gritting - the car slid down the driveway - and hit the garage. Breake fully engage - car just slid down.

Impact was on left rear corner - taking out left sidepanel and tailgate. Compression was less than 1.5" but required 45 replacement components to fix.

Car has since then sat in Garage waiting for spare parts. Tesla can't deliver parts for model S or X within a reasonable timeframe. Body parts are taking 3-9 months !! to arrive. We have hopes for repair finishing around start May unless something else turns up.

So the moment our X comes back - it goes up for sale. We can't own a car where body parts are not available.

Tesla X plus's:
Fast, drives well, have reasonable range dependent on temperature and wind. It has trailer hitch, and 6 seats. Fits 6 people fine with small suitcases. It is the most relaxing car to drive I have ever driven.

Tesla X minus's
Loading capacity is terrible for 6 seater as "captain seats" in the middle can't be moved. For 6 seats luggage space is very limited. Cameras OFTEN gets blinded by low sun or water/ice making "some safety-electronics" not operational. Camera's quality are bad, colour calibration way off - no 360 view like on Mercedes. No native Apple Car interface. Gull wing doors are SLOW and often not aware of their surroundings. Software updates post a newer refresh model "minor". Charge interface/options are very limited for controlling when and how to charge.  No point in Tesla's Gen 3 charger with WiFi at ALL. (I changed to another brand of charger). If fully or almost fully charged - regenerative brake system can't discharge to batteries - making the brake experience very different.

and last but not least the straw that broke the camels back... Spare part availability is rubbish and logistics knowledge and planning seem completely absent. When they are not building model S's or X's - they don't make spare parts leading to excessive long wait times.

And the not car related Tesla issues: Tesla EMEA shop is the most disorganised org I have ever dealt with. Ordered key holder - and got a Model 3 hub cab. Ordered a replacement wiper - got an empty tube (no tape or anything over ends of the tubes). No response AT ALL to any mails apart from "automated" collection notices from items delivered wrong. Then DHL kept ringing our doorbell to collect items already collected and marked as received.

So in short Tesla could be great - but they do not have the infrastructure in place, nor the logistics to provide service to their clients.

Our insurance company is now refusing new Tesla insurance due to the lack of parts. (They are providing rental car for the duration) - and they have a LOT of S's and X's stuck waiting for parts.

Tesla is no longer a "new player" - so there is no excuse for the lack of parts. Tesla have done a calculated risk about not supplying parts - and I think it will bite them in the rear end.

Thanks of the post kaz911.  I’ve been thinking of a Tesla but I’m hearing so many stories similar to yours.  I’m now thinking of a Rivian.  I have a test drive scheduled on Thursday.  Where I live I’m seeing a surprising number of Rivians.  Have not seen any complaints.

I current have a Volt, it’s my second.  I should make a separate post on this by GM has admitted there is an unfixable flaw in the Volt and several other GM models in the tens of millions.  If anyone has a Volt or any of the other GM cars and had the StP issue they can sue GM and get a substantial settlement.

I have a Volt and have been very pleased with the car.  So pleased, this is my second Volt.  But like many other Volt owners I had the Shift to Park issue with both cars  Turns out GM has manufactured and sold tens of thousands of GM cars knowing they have a StP defect.  GM has admitted the car has a defect and with the Volts can cause serious injury and death.
GM cannot issue a recall as there is no fix.

I like many other Volt and other GM car owners who purchased these defective cars have sued GM for selling a car with a known unfixable defect and received a very nice cash settlement with next to no opposition from GM.

I’m doing this as a public service - If you have a Volt or other GM car and have experienced the StP issue you can sue GM at no cost, since GM has admitted they knowingly sold defective cars.  Expcet GM to settle the case quickly and in return expect to receive a cash settlement and more.
That’s been my EV experience with 2 Volts….  Both having the StP issue.

I think EV makers in general have a support issue. The stories about Teslas get a lot of news, but look at other makes. When I buy a car I need to know it will have support - quick and easy to access maintenance, crash repairs and so on. Its not a toy. I'm not buying a Ferrari, where its definitely not a daily driver, and it can be off the road for a while without much impact to me. If it breaks, or needs impact repair, it needs to be quickly working again. Loan cars are not really an effective substitute for getting your car back, and if we aren't taking about warranty work the cost is huge. In this environment look at the tales of the big European brands, like VW and BMW. Their ICE cars get turned around quickly, but there are many reports of the electric ones being off the road for ages, or needing to go extreme distances to a service centre. Polestar, being a new brand, one might expect to push their support side hard on their web site, and in other publicity. Last time I looked they didn't mention what you do to get one fixed. Do you go to your local Volvo dealer? Seems you do, as when I take my Volvo in for its annual service there are bunch of Polestars standing by the service shop. It seems Volvo/Polestar don't even register the needs of the average car owner in promoting their products.

The car industry is a tough one and being a new player is challenging.  But with this shift to EVs the industry is being disrupted.  I thought I would hate an EV, but my wife forced it upon me and now I'm a convert.  I will NEVER buy an ICE car again, ever.

I hate going here, but with the problems you've been having getting parts for your Tesla have you thought about contacting a lawyer?  I have a Volt, and the Shift to Park issue left me stranded three times.  As I began researching the StP issue I found not only did GM know about the defect, they sold the cars with the defect anyway.  And this is AFTER the ignition switch defect that GM knew about and killed 127 customers/people.  Mary Barra stated she would NEVER let something like that happen again at GM.  Well it did.  This is why I sued GM.  I have since learned GM has sold 10s of millions of cars which all have the StP defect.  How could GM do this to customers?  And the stupid think is GM for less than $0.10 a car could have prevented the StP defect.  Like the ignition switch defect, the StP can kill families and GM isn't saying a word about this.  They already settled one lawsuit with a family who nearly died.  They were rushed to the hospital with CO poisoning.

Have you talked to a Lemon Law attorney?  It won't cost you a penny.

And if anyone is a Volt or GM car owner with a car that's had the StP issue contact an attorney and sue GM for selling you a defective car.



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