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Electrolytic capacitors in Electric car charger

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The Standard electric car charger should last 10 years
Does it contain electrolytic capacitors?
If so, what is the lifetime calculation for them?

Electrolytic capacitors generally have much longer lifetimes than 10 years.


--- Quote from: Faringdon on October 09, 2021, 10:03:47 pm ---The Tesla Power wall takes about 10 years payback time.

--- End quote ---

That seems a rather large and unsubstantiated generalization!

--- Quote ---What if the electrolytics (if there are any?) fail on 10 years one month.......pretty much negates any payback!

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Well, I suppose it could be repaired if that was all that was wrong with it.  But I wouldn't order the parts just yet.  I'm repairing an old and rather complex device right now that has hundreds of capacitors, and I'm replacing quite few of them--mostly tantalum beads.  I haven't had a bad electrolytic yet on this unit, but all of the polypropylene film caps are bad.  So perhaps best to worry about something else.


--- Quote ---Electrolytic capacitors generally have much longer lifetimes than 10 years.
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Thanks, thats true, but there are poor quality "85degc, 1000hr" electrolytic caps, and there are indeed much higher quality "10000hr,125degc" ones.
Nobody knows which are used.

--- Quote ---Well, I suppose it could be repaired if that was all that was wrong with it.
--- End quote ---
Thanks , but a dead electro can well result in overvoltages to the components in the vicinity, as such, no repair can realistically be done. And sometimes, if a component suffered overvoltage stress, then it may not fail then, but its lifetime would be much reduced. As such, post failure repair begs questions.....of course, re-capping after so many years  would doubtless be a good idea.....but have the caps been mounted in a spot which makes it easy to take the el caps out and replace them?

Electrolytic capacitors are not the only component which can be dimensioned poorly or penny-pitched. I wouldn't concentrate on electrolytic capacitors only, but design and assembly quality as a whole.

High-quality, properly dimensioned elcaps are still quite small part of the product cost and easily allow 15-year lifetime in usual household environment, so unless it's absolute race-to-the-bottom toy product, it makes no sense to pitch pennies here. Of course, due to some mismanagement, this can happen, but so can many other failures too.


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