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Raising and lowering concrete blocks; apparently comes in two flavors:

The energy density works out pretty bad for this.  That's why it's normally done with water and reservoirs where you can have a tremendous volume.  I have a hard time imagining this would ever beat batteries on any metric.

It's just simply hopeless.

Two lakes, a set of turbines and a set of big pumps, that's the way you use GPE for energy storage, and that version works just fine.
I am not sure, but they may even use the turbines as the pumps when power is cheap?
I think concrete blocks would need an AWFUL lot of cycles on the system before just making an equivalent amount of CO2 in a CCGT wasn't greener. 


--- Quote from: f4eru on January 24, 2022, 10:27:17 pm ---It's just simply hopeless.

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