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EV chargepoint industry suffering from lack of RCDs and DC detectors?

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Is it true that chargepoint makers are suffering as they cant source  Proper Type A RCDs and the "DC 6mA" detectors.
...Due to the component shortage, also , because few  companies are allowed to make these devices, as they require serious  saftey approvals.
Also, because chargepoints are seeing huge sales volumes, and more new EVs are meaning offtheshelf RCDs and 6mADC's are getting sold out?
At the moment, only the extremely expensive brands are available fof the shelf....is this true?

Its certainly now very difficult to find a  cheap Type A RCD and a cheap "DC6mA" detector.

Seems to be plenty of different DP type A RCDs  in stock at Screwfix. these would typically be used by the installer, not the CP manufacturer. Recent wiring regs changes may have increased demand from type A RCDs and RCBOs as these are now needed pretty much everywhere with AC types depracated.

Not sure about current sensors, but they're just as likely to find MCUs and other parts out of stock.

I hear there's a problem with supply of switchgear in the US delaying machine installations etc.

Thanks, i actually wonder how many EV chargepoints incorporate the "DC 6mA" detector within the chargepoint?....and how many rely on this detector being installed by the electrician as a separate module, so to speak.

It would be much quicker to install if the "DC 6mA" detector was part of the chargepoint...and much cheaper, since "DC 6mA" detectors are very expensive, and thats if you can source them at all.

Most decent UK EVSEs do include DC protection, and also PEN fault protection.
(Recent legislation also requires any CP sold in the UK now to have a specified set of smart functionality).
This makes sense as the EVSE needs a contactor/relay to switch power to the car anyway, so only the detection is needed. 
The problem with doing it externally is that type B RCDs are quite expensive and not widely stocked. I don't think anyone makes a type B DP RCBO, so if installing in a typical UK consumer unit it's going to take up 3 slots.

Another issue is that there is that there is a common perception that UK wiring regs imply that you can only install breakers from the same manufacturer as the CU, though this makes no objective sense provideds the busbar height is correct.

There is also some scope for interpretation around the need for a DP RCD, as the EVSE will always have a DP contactor which will disconnect if power is lost, so the wiring regs requirement for DP RCD protection could be interpreted differently depending on exactly where you draw the line between the RCD and the car connector.

There are cheaper Type B RCD  options, like this, which I have tested and taken apart, & seems to be reasonable : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003085547942.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.0.0.5a0b1802lEFL1m

Aren't you just rehashing the questions that you asked during your EV chargepoint exploits last year 'Faringdon'. Maybe you should re-visit your old threads, eg:



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