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--- Quote from: nctnico on October 06, 2022, 06:41:31 am ---That doesn't make sense. The number of Mirais sold at any place does not make a significant impact anywhere in the world (IIRC Toyota sells about 40k units per year). So there has to be a long term strategy behind their hydrogen cars. Otherwise Toyota would have been selling BEVs like anyone else if they needed to make compliance sales. The only country where Toyota is selling BEVs in large numbers is China.

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I assume engineering is a hobby for you. If you'd ever worked professionally this would not seem odd at all. Pretty much every engineering company, of any discipline, has a thing they can't let go of, and keep pouring money into. Often it disables the company so badly they end up bankrupt. Toyota pretty much got batteries in cars off the ground with the Prius. They were an early investor in Tesla. However, somewhere in that organisation someone influential must have kept plugging away at the fuel cell concept, and they are only now trying to break free and use lithium batteries. Will they succeed? Well, their first serious attempt at a lithium battery powered EV (they've had pure compliant cars, like a battery powered RAV4 in the past) recently saw a very early recalled for a bizarre reason. Was that internal sabotage by the fuel cell advocates? It wouldn't be the first time.


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