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Folding E-bikes?

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Does anybody make a robust, folding E-bike that works for bigger people? It would be nice to have an e-bike which could be brought onto trains and buses or put into a car trunk so it could be brought into the city without having to ride it there.

Not in Antarctica, no.

Antarctica's Dry Valleys are ice-free.

I got this one (photo) fairly cheaply (about £750 IIRC) but not sure I could recommend it without mentioning a few caveats. I had to replace the seat (which was uncomfortable), and the pedals (which fell off!), and secure the rear mudguard which tended to flap around and rub against the tyre. Other than that its motor is quite torquey and the gears work well. It is heavy though because it uses big section steel frame (and because it folds it needs the extra strength). I bought it from Amazon more than a year ago so will have to go back and check for further details if interested. You can pay a lot of money for a decent E-bike, I didn't :)

That looks like exactly the size I am looking for.

Its good to see that its out there.

I have some questions, I hope you don't mind!

How easy is it to fold up and carry?

Also, are the pedals functional, can it be pedaled generally?

(I'd like to get a bike that was able to be used as a pedal bike for most of the time with the power for hills, I don't want a bike where the pedal system is not what it should be. Some gears would be good too)


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