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I'm looking to build a frame for my solar panels, currently I have 6 250W panels just dumped on my lawn propped up on a wood pile and I could do with lifting them and fixing them at the right angle.

My main concerns are how to fix them to the ground in a way that won't need constant replacement and how to make sure the whole thing is safe against the wind. I'd also like to be able to tilt them if possible as here is the UK the sun is rather horizontal in the winter so I don't know if tilting the panels more upright will help or if that will add more complication than it is worth.

Hi Simon,

Mine are fixed at 52deg inclination as that happens to be both my roof angle and latitude.
There is a really useful website http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvgis/apps4/pvest.php that allows you to easily twiddle things and see the results.
If I was able (planning restriction) I would probably go for tweaking the inclination twice a year.

As for wind loading there is loads of stuff available such as http://www.nef.org.uk/knowledge-hub/view/wind-loading-on-solar-pv-panels


I am at 51 degrees but in winter I think 70-80 degrees inclination is probably more like "perpendicular to the sun". Unlike you mine won't be going on the roof, they will be on a frame in the garden. I may put a shed underneath later.

So my main problems are that they will be fully open to the wind (one has already taken a tumble but fortunately was ok) and as I'm putting them on ground wood posts won't last the longest but I don't want to make the whole thing out of metal although that might be an idea - price dependant really. I want to get them up without spending too much but doing a good job.

Frankly in the depths of winter nothing makes a huge difference anyway, see the various calculators.
For mounting there are many products intended for flat roofs held down by weights (sandbags etc) or you could use hollow concrete blocks (resting on the ground) with steel tube cemented in then at least you can move them if required.

yes I was thinking of weighing them down, I was hoping I could built a frame that stood on the ground and not with posts sunk into it and weights to stop it being blown over. The other thing though it I want to make it reasonably High so that I can still walk under it and it escapes shadow for longer.


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