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The price of electricity went negative for a few hours, when renewable energy production went 87% of the demand. It was a windy day.
So I guess it is time for massive scale storage developments.

It was a windy day indeed, and sunny too. My tow plane pilot didn't dare to fly in this wind. (I got sunburn too, from being on the ground all day, rigging and de-rigging gliders.)


--- Quote from: NANDBlog on May 11, 2016, 10:47:04 am ---So I guess it is time for massive scale storage developments.

--- End quote ---
Magnetically levitated high speed flywheels  :popcorn:

It's also time to have some sensible discussion about demand-side management.  The technology is really easy to allow more flexible pricing to domestic consumers, but (certainly here in the UK) the only tariffs you can get are fixed rate 24/7 or slightly more expensive during the day and cheaper at night.

When the suppliers make some smart tariffs that are flexible, I think we'll see the demand more closely follow the supply. I'd happily put four loads of laundry on and put the immersion heater on if the price went super low for a few hours.

Also: more interconnectors!  The UK could have bought 5GW of that surplus power if there was infrastructure to transmit it.

This has been the case for quite a while now.

It's the obvious result of adding more and more intermittent renewables to a grid without adding any large scale storage.  Not only does it result in the price going negative, but fossil fuelled plants have to run more and more outside their optimum load points, causing a significant drops in efficiency and increases in emissions.

Activists and politicians like to shout about building more wind farms and solar arrays, but you never hear anyone talking about building storage.  It's just not exciting enough...  :(


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