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Goodenough glass sodium battery

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Hasn't this been posted on eevblog yet? I waited, thinking surely someone must have. But searching for threads on this doesn't find anything.
Not sure if this is going to be another 'miracle battery' that never materializes, but it sounds really good.

Google: goodenough sodium battery glass


Solid State Batteries For Electric Cars: A New Breakthrough By The Father of the Lithium-Ion Battery
  Glass construction, 3x energy density over LiIon, sodium-based, fast charge, works in sub-zero temp.
  Inventer: John Goodenough (who is 94, and co-inventer of the LiIon battery.)

94 Year Old Man Develops Glass Based Battery : Good News Episode 16
In this episode of the Good News Channel’s broadcast series, we take a look at a fast charging noncombustible battery that has been invented by the same inventor of the lithium ion battery, as well as the story about which beverage Americans are preferring over sodas now.

ETS15 Fireside Chat: Dr. John B. Goodenough on energy, storage, and life
Apr 6, 2015


There seem to have been some others looking at solid sodium-based batteries recently, not sure if they have the same technology in mind:

  BroadBit metallic sodium batteries, 10x more power than Lithium-Ion, 5-minute full charge
  900 cycles, no detectable degradation.
  Estimated half the cost of LiIon.
  3-man team in Finland.

Researchers' outlook on sodium-ion batteries
20160119   Na-ion. not the same battery. French


These videos are a waste of time for anyone but early investors and 'general info' hoarders.
Without selling products, all the 'cool new battery tech'-talk is nothing but hot air.


--- Quote from: bazza on March 27, 2017, 04:25:57 am ---These videos are a waste of time for anyone but early investors and 'general info' hoarders.
Without selling products, all the 'cool new battery tech'-talk is nothing but hot air.

--- End quote ---

I suspect a fairly high proportion of forum members are general info hoarders. I certainly am. That's why this folder tree exists on my HDD:  World\Energy_and_Oil\Batteries\20170323_solid_state_battery
Along with about 18 other battery type folders.
And you know what? I'm over 60 and through my whole life crappy batteries have been a continual irritation. Carbon-zinc, JFC those were crap. Lead-acid - my first caving light used a huge hip-mounted miner's light battery, that required regular futzing with sulfuric acid. Joy. NiCad seemed like relative heaven, till I accumulated a bucketful of dead ones and realized that every NiCad was going to die the metal dendrites death. NiMH... slightly better. By now getting sick of buying/making different battery chargers. LiIon - hooray, ALMOST there. At last a battery with a decent capacity and low self-discharge. Except slight problem, they tend to burst into flames.

So yes, I do pay a lot of attention to cool new battery tech, hot air or not. Because I'd really like to have actual working, near ideal batteries sometime before I die.

Also the bit about Mr Goodenough still being creative at 94. I like that. Makes me feel slightly less gloomy.

i've stopped tracking battery tech. It's just too infuriating to see all the lying that the tech is ready for mass production only for nothing at all to happen.
I no longer care about batteries unless i can buy them, stick them into my delta wing, and fly for longer than before.


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