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Grid Tied inverters for household use will soon be useless?

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This is what i mean...

GTI's have got serious problems up ahead !!!

If people want there own solar generation. Then pretty soon, they are going to have to "island" their household mains from the grid, and just use a standard Non grid tied inverter from the panels to supply their household...

This is obvious, do you not agree?

Just use an autotransformer to cut the voltage a bit.


--- Quote from: NiHaoMike on September 18, 2021, 04:34:26 pm ---Just use an autotransformer to cut the voltage a bit.

--- End quote ---
But that will increase the grid voltage even more which in the end damages the equipment in your home.

The power networks need to upgrade to keep up with ever rising energy demands, there is no way around it.

We had a too long line to the transformer that was feeling the whole street. It used to be fine, but as demand rose it just did not cut it anymore. We got a solar inverter and it kept complaining and going into safe mode. So i hooked up a DMM to the worst phase and turns out it sometimes dropped down to 180V for a breif moment. They used to compensate for this by choosing a higher transformer tap, but that was too much for the first houses in the line. We sent the chart to the power company, they came over and left there own dataloger for a bit and came to the same conclusion. As a result they decided to run a new line from a transformer, it went mostly trough our land and our relatives so we helped arrange for approval. Ever since the voltage is rock solid and the solar inverter is happy as can be.

As electric cars become more popular this is only going to get worse. They take massive amount of power from the grid and they typically get charged at similar times of the day when people come home from work.


--- Quote from: Berni on September 18, 2021, 05:17:22 pm ---The power networks need to upgrade to keep up with ever rising energy demands

--- End quote ---

'ever rising'?

But yes, the LV side of the grid is going to have to adapt to significantly different demand peaks and the reality of distributed generation.


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