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ground isolation

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--- Quote from: ranganatennakoon on January 30, 2023, 11:11:14 am ---The circuit works fine.

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Hard to tell anything about the performance of your circuit from these videos. However, it is notable that there is no sign of an oscilloscope in the measurement setup so how do you know if the circuit is even stable?

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These three sections are powered by under different voltage levels! I want isolate Grounds of 12V and 185V for safety

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You obviously didn't take notice of my first post as to why it is not possible to separate the grounds in the circuit configuration you have chosen so I will repeat it in bold:

With the configuration you have drawn up the low voltage ground and the high voltage ground have to remain connected. The op amp U1B is comparing the sense voltage across resistor R4 and the reference voltage at the junction of R1 and R2. For this comparison to be valid these 2 voltages must share a common reference level and hence the 2 grounds have to be connected.

If you do not understand the above statement I suggest you take some basic courses in electrical network theory and feedback theory before attempting to design such circuits.

David Hess:
The best option is to isolate the ADC and DAC on the digital side, but isolation could be done on the analog side using isolation amplifiers.


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