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Has anyone heard of Powerfoyle?


Has anyone here heard about Powerfoyle?
There are now headphones available that charge with a "Powerfoyle" solar panel in the headband. Somewhat surprisingly, that apparently even works decently, i just read a test that even cloudy German autumn sun is sufficient to charge the headphones, with an app screenshot showing around 13 mA current coming from the panel, with the headphones using a bit more than 3 mA.

I was not able to find much details about this "Powerfoyle". All websites are either pretty marketing pages or other sites testing the headphones.
Supposedly, Powerfoyle uses the principle of photosynthesis. For me that sounds like pure marketing hogwash.  :blah:

I'm guessing they are using organic photovoltaics.  That is a screen printable thin film process.  It's been the next big thing in PV for a few decades now but resisted commercial applications.  Originally the promise was PV as cheap as paint to replace silicon panels for building / fixed installations but the enormous drop in price if silicon makes that pretty hard to compete with.  A pivot to consumer electronics makes sense since you can sell that with marketing and side features a lot easier than for a fixed installation where TCO is about the only factor.

Yeah. Not that much content is available yet. Would really like to see some honest reviews.

 I do agree with you it is being inspired by the process of photosynthesis. for a bit of more information you can go through it here


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