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high power dc-dc isolated bidirectional

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now befor anyone says anything yes i know the risks about high voltage
hi all well this is a big one here i being looking round and struggleing to find any good info on how to go about doing this
basicaly i building a ev and want to take advantage of dc fast chargeing with out the need for a larger battery
so i was thinking could i use a high power bidirectional  (oviusly isolated)
but the issues i am haveing is finding info on building one
be able to support up to 100a out put
easily intagratable with a micocontroler
i would like side A (high voltage/charger side) to be able to support a minium of 270v dc
i would like side B (lower voltage but still high/battery side) to be able to support up to 135v dc
i would like the able to alter aide A voltage in coraspondence with side B (so as batter chargeing it shows to charger a higher over all voltage)

any questions just ask

The basic topology is just a transformer with transistors both on the primary and secondary, which can act as an inverter or synchronous rectifier seamlessly.

I'm sure you know the dangers but you give the vibes of someone who's trying to run before they can walk...

But anyway, some thoughts:

1) why does it need to be isolated? Both sides are dangerous and the grid is isolated by the DC charger. You could just use an interleaved buck converter.

2) 135V * 100A = 13.5kW. Do you have a couple of power supplies for developing this? New you're probably looking around £20k for the pair of new.

3) the big problem is going to be charging standards. I watched people trying to implement chadamo and CCS - not fun.

4) at this level most people use digital control and DSPs. They tend to be a bit confusing to work with.

thank you for the infor
i have done suplys befor just nothing as powafull as this
and what would you recomend as turn ratio on the transformer

thank you slh and i just head isolated would be better for something like this
and as far as the dc fast charge protocol gose i useing a off the shelf pre made unit (thunderstruck MCU)
and i have some powersupplys a freind gave me from a closed down busness (up to 170vdc at 50a each)


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