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How did the first years in your Power Electronics career looked like?

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Hi Everyone,
I was hoping to hear some stories on how did the first years (0 ~ 5 years) of your power electronics career looked like?
1. Did you do a lot of design?
2. Did you handle and made documents (BOM, Design Documents, DR Documents, Drawings, etc..)?
3. Did you do electrical evaluations of your design / senior engineers designs?
4. What did you enjoy during those first year? What do you enjoy now?

Excuse me if this is the wrong forum,
Thank you.

bonjour cher Monsieur

fine to hear from Israel!

been analog and power designers are engineer since 1970s.

Worked as consultant, inventor, manufacturer.

designed, magnetics, prototypes, schematics, PCB, debugging, management of production

Fields of Avaionics, medical, semi fab, high voltage, energy efficient lighting, telecommunications

Unsure exactly what you are looking for.

Suggest you network on LinkedIn, attend the seminars, trade shows, and conferences eg PCIM, Nuremberg, APEC, IEEE, etc.

Finally am sure that you know our old power electronics friends Dr. Richard REDL, and Dr Samuel Ben- Yaakov

Bon Soirée


Still to this day working along / with / for a good mentor (and always looking for more)
Learning every day
More computer simulation
And thankfully, lots of blown devices almost every week :)

Pardo-Baso, very fine, Still have examples of our magents and PSU/EBU back to 1970s.

Suggest to check IEEE Power Electronics and conf/seminar proceedings, for instance Class E from Nathan Sokal (RIP) and Richard Redl's PFC/EMI, topology and other power papers and seminars.

Also Prof Lee at VPI.

We used the Intusoft Magnetics Designer SW (ancien DOS!) for winding design.

Happy to meet if you get to Paris someday,



Jim from Chicago:
I am my early years now and it's a real struggle  :'(


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