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How is the Development of Charging Stations in Your Country? Any DIY Ideas?

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Hi everyone,

I’m curious about the development of charging stations for electric vehicles in your countries. How widespread are they currently? Additionally, has anyone attempted to DIY their own charging station? If so, could you share your experiences and any challenges you faced?

Thanks a lot!

In US/UK/EU regulatory and safety law will prohibit DIY charges.

But I have the Same question for your country?

Exactly how many EVs and how many charge stations in China?


Regulatory issues aside, there is an open source kit available for an AC charger wall box.

A 50 kW+ converter is no small matter. If you are referring to an AC EVSE that will provide 32A per phase these are trivial devices but safety measures would add some complication and it's really not work it for the individual.

Now that EV chargers are a mass market product, I don't think it would be worth trying to build a basic one, but a more advanced one with features like adapting to solar production might still be worth it. Or more likely, take an off the shelf basic EV charger and add an ESP32 to give it network control capabilities. Or take an EV charger that already has an ESP32 and reflashing it with open source firmware to fix bugs that seem to be very common in "smart" devices nowadays.


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