Author Topic: How is the Development of Charging Stations in Your Country? Any DIY Ideas?  (Read 1042 times)

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Hi everyone,

I’m curious about the development of charging stations for electric vehicles in your countries. How widespread are they currently? Additionally, has anyone attempted to DIY their own charging station? If so, could you share your experiences and any challenges you faced?

Thanks a lot!

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In US/UK/EU regulatory and safety law will prohibit DIY charges.

But I have the Same question for your country?

Exactly how many EVs and how many charge stations in China?

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Regulatory issues aside, there is an open source kit available for an AC charger wall box.

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A 50 kW+ converter is no small matter. If you are referring to an AC EVSE that will provide 32A per phase these are trivial devices but safety measures would add some complication and it's really not work it for the individual.

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Now that EV chargers are a mass market product, I don't think it would be worth trying to build a basic one, but a more advanced one with features like adapting to solar production might still be worth it. Or more likely, take an off the shelf basic EV charger and add an ESP32 to give it network control capabilities. Or take an EV charger that already has an ESP32 and reflashing it with open source firmware to fix bugs that seem to be very common in "smart" devices nowadays.
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   In terms of performance, and electronics development, EVs are awesum.   Chargers for a larger, non-specialty population has lots of barriers.   I'm watching the efforts to develop self-driving cars, in an aging population, especially hoping for some relief safety-wise, keeping independence as older age kicks in.

   I'm thinking better to develop the EV systems as integrating the cars with chargers first as a whole taxi / delivery mode.

   However, there are some trust issues as government regulators exert some (expensive) influence.   I find myself saying "hey, wait a minute..." in question, as recent announcement was something like the following (in the U.S.):
   "We have built 130,000 chargers, this year."

   Uh...maybe, but trust factors are so very low these days, I can't help but question such an agency statement.   The instinct I get is to start wondering;   'Is that a targeted funding amount, or is that ACTUAL stations up and running ?'

There are some very compelling reasons, for asking, and readers should note that this doubt has little to do with the industry itself.   Some recent news articles support the skepticism.

   Such as;   '$350 million designated, and 9 actual EV charging stations completed, so far'.
That's one particular program that was started a while ago....

What are the numbers, I'm also asking, as this thread is!

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