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How is Vicor Power doing for stock right now?


We know due to their supreme quality, Vicor modules can always go nil stock, especially today....we may need a load of them for a high power pulse app.....is it safe to go Vicor?...will they go nil stock? They seem to be a few on digikey/mouser/findchips etc, but some modules  are a bit low stocked.

well i would say   and not doing bashing or any speculation yada yada ....

Some companies take a very long time to revert back  to pre-covid times

Some middle man are making huge profits, and some buy anything they can find, even before some distributors get their hands on them ...

you may have to change designs as we did in some cases, even got fake parts,   using Zynq fpga  who got 10x times their normal pricing   etc ... list goes on and on  ...

Some distributors like Digikey, Mouser, Electrosonic   ....  some have lost their ways if i may say,  a mere rf connector at 5$  is now 25$ a piece


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