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How to monitoring amount of solar power sold to power company?

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I am located in California, my power company is PG&E.  Last year due to over production of solar electricity I gave over $1,000 of electricity to the power company for $40.  Does anyone know any energy credits monitoring software so I could see where I stand when it becomes true-up time with the power company.  What makes this tricky is the rate plan I am on with PG&E is a Time of Use.  On weekdays the amount of money PG&E buys excess electricity changes 5 times per day and can rage from $0.14 to $0.58.

Anyone know of a software program which works with Time of Use solar customers which will let you know where you stand financially with your power company?

If it's a fixed schedule or there's a place online to download it, write your own Python script to calculate it.

What kind of production meter are you using?

I am using an Enphase IQ Envoy.  I don't think data can be exported.

I could use Python and have used Excel.  The problem is there are no APIs.  One has to manually export the data, manually clean-up the data and import.  The power company has some API, but it requires a authentication and isn't that easy.  Then they change the structure of the data for time to time and then it doesn't work anymore.

Actually, Enphase does have an API.  I played with it a little and was able to access performance data, and later a developer we hired used it in an app for fleet monitoring.  See https://developer.enphase.com/ .


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