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How to test an IR2104/2111?

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Hi all,
I want to test the IR2104 MOSFET driver but without the mosfets. I built the circuit attached bellow.
The simulation in PROTEUS works great but the real circuit niet!!!
The frequency is about 31KHz.
I tried loading the HO and LO with 10k resistors with no success.
I've also tried with an IR2111 (which has a bit different pinout).
Please, what I'm missing?

What I've done I simply connected VB to Vcc and VS to COM (GND).

The ATtiny85 code for 31KHz PWM @ 8MHz CPU clock:

--- Code: ---//ATtiny85 PWM in CTC  Mode

int main(){
DDRB =1<<PB0; // set  PB0 as output to enable PWM generation
TCCR0A = 1 << COM0A1 | 1 << WGM01 | 1 << WGM00;
TCCR0B = 1 << CS00; //prescaler = 1
OCR0A=150;            //Generating PWM of 58.9% duty cycle from OC0A


--- End code ---
Dont forget to program the LOW fuse to 0xE2 (disable the divide by eight).

What made you think you can connect VB to VCC?

From the internal circuit I think we can do that, no?
Is there any other simple way to do the test?

It should work I guess but it's completely not clear what is what and at what voltage levels on scope picture.


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