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HP 6060A voltage limits



Our HP 6060A load has front panel limits pretty well known: 0-60v/0-60 amp
But on the back near the load connectors, we see "+/- 240 V" (with respect to GND) printed in solid black engraving surely from the original mfr.
Does it mean it can handle 240V (wrt gnd) ? surely at <300W but +/- 240V gives it a whole new application!
Anyone has experience with this application?

Appreciate any clarification.

That is a specification of how well the output is isolated from ground. The maximum voltage you are allowed to apply between the floating output and ground is +-240V.

I have a 6060A, No output and the front panel never changes from 0V or 0A. If I press the Display settings I can Adjust both Voltage and Current. but no output. Anybody got any Ideas? i have manuals and schematics.
thanks Trev


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