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inverter on every panel or not ?

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Planning to install a 15KWDC ground mount grid tied PV system.

Not sure if I want a single inverter or have the inverters on each panel.  Seems to be an upfront cost vs monitoring & troubleshooting convenience.    :-//

Appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

I would go with the single inverter so you can have the option of backup power without batteries. Some even support adding batteries later on.

IMOP panel inverters are a waste of money and simply serve to extend the payback time of the system.
As for monitoring that is something exciting to play with on a new system but the novelty soon wears off.
Anybody involved with electronics understands the more components the poorer the reliability.
If you have a severe shading problem arrange the shaded panels in there own substring and attach them to a multi-mpp inverter on there own input, still far fewer components and lower cost than per panel modules.

Quick search and napkin calculation:
1 ) Enphase Micro-inverter IQ7+: 120 EUR.
Three phase cabling: 20 EUR each
You will have some 42 Panels. Total inverter cost: 5900 EUR, probably an extra 500 for accessories.

2) SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-30: 2380 EUR

3) Solaredge P370 : 45 EUR
42 power optimizers (1900 EUR) + 1x SolarEdge SE16K SetApp, 1329 EUR,
Total: 3200 EUR
You get per panel tracking, monitoring

You can translate this to your local currency. IMHO, micro inverters are good, if you get them for free.
You have to decide yourself, if that extra 800 EUR or so is worth to get the max out of each panel. I did invest into them.
Ask quotations before deciding for any technology, your local pricing will vary.

by coincidence, there just was an article about that topic in the recent swiss amateur radio league magazine, which seems to prove, that the efficiency gain is minimal and the interference level is going through the roof compared to a single inverter solution.


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