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Ion lithium vs Fragant Accumulator Recycling Terminal energy

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John Heath:
Methane energy recycling is an establish technology used on farms.  Is a Fragrant Accumulator Recycling Terminal or FART phone vs smart phone  in the range of a possibility? The energy density ratio of methane gas vs lithium battery is 50 to 1 in favor of methane gas. Is there enough methane gas in the general area of a human body? Can it be concentrated to a reasonable air to methane ratio for a micro power generator? It must also be the same size as a standard smart phone lithium battery. A smart phone kept in the back pocket would increase the odds , closer to the source. Is there an energy efficient way to separate air from methane gas? Is it enough energy for a Peltier heat pump or failing this a micro sterling engine to charge a much smaller lithium battery to the point that it will never need recharging for average cell phone use? More questions than answers. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

I have witnessed "scientists" performing thermal experiments confirming the calorific value of human produced methane...

John Heath:
Did they give any hard data to work with?

Nah, we just got chucked out of the pub...

John Heath:
There is no respect for science. It occurred to myself that a pub with lots of beer going down would have a higher PPM methane count than regular air , hhhm.


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