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IRG4PC50UDPBF discontinued


Guys, I don't know if you know the equipment for the treatment of
plastic film for corona effect, called corona treatment.

This equipment is an H Bridge formed by igbts transistors and in the H bridge, we have a transformer that raises the secondary voltage to about 10KV and applies an electrical discharge in a plastic film to make the impression afterwards.

I have equipment that uses the IRG4PC50UDPBF, this item has been discontinued, can someone help me find a replacement for it. I tested some and they worked, but there is a condition in which a leakage of 10KV can occur and in this leakage current, I have the current transformers that monitor the current and prevent burning by cutting the trip. With the IRG4PC50UDPBF I never had a burning problem, but with the replacements I tested, they all burned in this condition.

Can someone tell me a replacement for the IRG4PC50UDPBF, it doesn't have to be from the IR, it can be from another manufacturer?


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