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Iron Fuel: dodgy tech or legit?

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Interesting to see how much energy is required for reduction, and consequently the overall efficiency. Capturing the liberated oxygen and reusing in the combustion process would be useful.

Well given they are using hydrogen forming gas to reduce the iron, this is just hydrogen energy in a funny hat.  But if they can go from electrolysis cell to reducing oven without high pressure compression, or liqueficaton, that improves efficiency, so the hit of other inefficiencies isn't as bad.

Overall, just plausible enough to get funding from people who believe the "trust me bro" and don't run the numbers, but that's what could make or break this as energy storage.

AFAIK the production of iron is a bit tricky and not very efficient energy wise, especially when starting from electricity / hydrogen.  So using iron powder as a energy storge medium is likely not such a great idea. Iron is also quite heavy, so if at all metal power it would be more like aluminum powder.

The first problem to solve is an effective way to produce iron - improvements there could be a great deal, but it's an old problem and likely no easy solution.

Why stop at aluminum?  Go to lithium ... oops, we already have lithium batteries.;)

Iron-based batteries go way back.  The original Edison battery was iron-nickel (https://edisontechcenter.org/batteries.html).  Aside from details, is this really that different from getting energy from or storing energy in batteries?


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